LAX Airport Parking
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Los Angeles International Airport
9800 South Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Outdoor Valet
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Free Shuttle every 15-20 min
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One of the largest off-site airport parking facilities servicing Los Angeles International Airport.

Our focus has remained and will continue to be on customer satisfaction. Our view on providing parking services is more than just distributing tickets, parking cars, and collecting revenues - we feel that providing parking services not only requires a great degree of courtesy and strong customer relations, but also, affordable prices, comfortability, convenience and security for you and your vehicle.
Customer Reviews

First of all there is barely a visible sign to your business. It exudes the essences of just plain old sleazy.

Secondly, the dispatcher lied to me. he said the shuttle was on the way... it was not he was waiting for more customers so made us wait over 30 minutes.

Then he further lies to me and says it was because the driver was new.

The dispatcher was rude to on top of all that.

And then come to find out there was an additional $1 per day because i had a mini van which was never discussed with me.


Easy, friendly, on time. No hassle. No hidden charges. They pulled my truck up to the shuttle unloading area and we did not have to walk or wait!
L.P. - Malibu, CA


The driver was a total ass. He had ZERO patience while I looked for my receipt. I ended up calling him out on it & he didn't care. That was the only bad part about the experience. Counter people were helpful & nice.
M. Barajas