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FOX Auto Parks
Los Angeles International Airport
10121 Glasgow Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Outdoor Valet
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Covered Valet
Free Shuttle every 15-18 min
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Fox Auto Parks - Valet Service at Self-Park Prices
- Just minutes from LAX airport
- Free shuttle service every 15 - 18 minutes
- Easy In - Easy Out
- Convenient access from 405 and 105 freeways

At Fox Auto Parks - Serving LAX parking customers since 2001 with our Valet Service at Self Park Prices!

We are located less than 2 miles from LAX and offer free shuttle service.

Our professional and friendly attendants quickly check you in so you can jump on our shuttle for a quick ride to your departing terminal.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day providing you a safe and secure place to leave your vehicle.

Upon your return our express texting service allows you to text ahead so your vehicle can be waiting when you arrive back at our facility.

Military Discount proudly offered to service members showing proof of service.

Shuttle Information: Arrive just 30 minutes before you want to be at your terminal. Upon entering FOX Auto Parks simply pull in straight to the stop signs at our facility and a shuttle bus will pick you up and immediately take you to your terminal. When you return, text or call the phone number on your claim check ticket for immediate pick up to be returned to your car. Directions and other information will be on your receipt.

Must book reservation online to receive this discounted rate.

Fox Auto Parks FAQ

1. How far from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is Fox Auto Parks located and when should I arrive at the facility?
Fox Auto Parks is located about 1 1/2 miles from LAX, a short 5-10 minutes shuttle ride. Please arrive at least 30 min before you want to be at the terminal. Check with your airline for their suggested time of arrival to the airport.

2. How often do Fox Auto Parks shuttle vans run to/from the airport?
Fox Auto Parks shuttles run approximately every 15-18 min.

3. What should I do upon return from my trip?
Upon return, after picking up your baggage, text us your claim number and last name to (310)266-4255 or call (310) 342-6445 to have your car ready. Then proceed outside to the transportation area and wait under the PURPLE SIGN that reads RENTAL CAR PICK-UP ONLY. You will find the sign only in arrivals.

4. How safe is Fox Auto Parks?
We have staff on duty 24 hours a day with video surveillance cameras and a security gate.

5. What if I have a dead battery, flat tire in my car upon my return?
Fox Auto Parks provides free charge battery jump-starts and pressurized air to fill your tire.

6. What if I believe I left something on your shuttle van?
Fox Auto Parks logs all lost & found articles and keeps these items under lock and key. Please call 310-342-6445 or 310-342-5155 ext. 3001 to inquire about any lost items.

7. Can I park Vans, Trucks, SUV's and oversized vehicles at Fox Auto Parks?
Our facility can accommodate most passenger cars, trucks and SUV's.
Add $1.50/day for compact and medium SUV's and Minivans.
Add $3.00/day for Full size SUV's, and Med Trucks.
Add $4.00/day for Full size Trucks and Passenger Vans.
Add $5.00/day Over size, high roof, off-road Trucks and 12+ passenger Vans.
We do not accept trailers, campers or RV's at Fox Auto Parks.
Customer Reviews

Not a bad place. It often takes a while to get my car once I arrive but it's usually a quick drop off process. Cars are parked off site, so your car may be "buried" behind a few other cars that they need to move. Shuttle is fairly quick. Service behind the counter is not very friendly, but on par with other parking facilities.


I will definitely use this service again. The driver that picked us up at the airport was a little pushy. But overall, me and sisters were very satisfied. Thank you very much
Lorrine - Riverside


Better price and safe spot near the airport. You can jump in FOX Rent a Car shuttle and claim you are going to FOX parking. Approx. 5min from LAX. Staff is not the best but nice enough.
Naoko Marquez


Your late PM office help named Anthony saved my vacation and got me squared away in a critical time crunch.
Donald G Bayles


Once we got back to the FOX facility to pick up our car, the guy behind the counter said that I had never parked my car there. Then we said that I never used the voucher and that my car wasn't there. He said that I was wrong even though I showed him my car's location via my phone. Finally, someone else came out and told him my car was there.
John Mueller


1. The shuttle driver/FOX company did not confirm text message sent to inform that I am ready for pick-up.
2. We were dropped off at a car rental place instead of personal car pick-up place - lost more than 20 min. Shuttle driver should have told us at the time of drop-off.
3. Parking fees is no different than at Marriott and I liked the location and faster shuttle service to airport.
4. My car came dirtier than when I dropped off.


I travel a lot and parked at many different places, and I can tell you there's no better place to park then here. I will use them everytime I fly, and would recommend them to everyone.
Daniel Licciardi


Pretty easy to get to. Clean inside, super easy process. I will probably park here everytime I travel out of LAX.
Paige A.


Super fast shuttle for pick up and drop off. My car was also ready right on time when I arrived.
Mia H S.


Enjoyed your facility and staff. Drive-in, storage and pick-up was fast and efficient. Great location (close to the airport) and very accessible from the freeway. Tram pick-up was great. I highly recommend FOX.
Theodore V Benson - CA