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105 Airport Parking
Los Angeles International Airport
898 N Pacific Coast Hwy., El Segundo, CA 90245 View map
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Free Shuttle every 25-30 min
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105 Airport Parking LAX is the best choice for many South Bay residents. Located off Sepulveda Blvd. and just south of I-105, this covered parking structure offers valet and self parking for with 3 levels of indoor parking and 1 level of outdoor, rooftop parking. The complimentary shuttle service is provided to and from LAX. Valet guests provide their valet ticket number to the shuttle driver so their vehicle is waiting for them upon arrival. Online reservations are recommended to secure a space.

Upon your return to LAX: After obtaining your luggage, proceed outside to the red sign marked "Hotel & Courtesy Shuttles" and call for a shuttle at (310) 615-1888 or text "pick up" with your terminal to (310) 439-5399.
Customer Reviews

Everything was fast and simple. I parked my car, got into a shuttle already waiting for me (It is good to arrive early because you might have to wait for other passengers), and then I got dropped off at my terminal at the airport. When I arrived back, I was worried about how to get a hold of the shuttle because my phone was broken, but I found the shuttle within 10-15 mins. I waved my hand and got picked up, easy as that! I showed my payment agreement online, and I paid the exact amount, hassle-free. I wish there was more indoor parking, so I had to park on the rooftop. Still, I would use 105 Airport Parking again.
Andy Nguyen


This was our first time at this facility, had a great experience with how efficient the staff was. The only negative was that the female employees were very friendly but the male employees were very nice, courteous and helpful. We will definitely use them again 👍🏻
Darlene Ramos - Eastvale, CA


I have used 105 Parking over a dozen times and this was by far my worst experience. When I arrived on my pre-booked date/time, I literally got the last available parking spot on the rooftop. When I returned, the shuttle took over 25 minutes to get to the pickup site. Then the driver said there was only room for 2 more, so my wife an I got on. Then the driver let 8 more people and bags on the shuttle. My ass was literally on the windshield. To top it all off, when I made it back to the garage, the elevator was broken, so I had to go up the 6 levels on the stairs. When driving down, it was obvious that they oversold the parking structure as the double-deep valet stalls were full and then they blocked them all in with another row of cars parked end to end. When I told the woman at the kiosk, all she said was, "Oh, isn't there a sign on the elevator?" I hope this is just 1 bad experience and not a trend.


Great experience! Will use again and again!
Monna Verma


Couldn't find our ticket and it took us about 45 just to check out, even though I had a reservation. They needed our flight information and had to call into the airline just to confirm we had traveled, because we didn't have the previous boarding pass with us. Took forever.
treeca - LA


My first time using 105 and it was a good experience. No problems.
Daisy A Covarrubias


We could not expect a better service. Thank you very much.
Alla Titensky


Using the facility for the first time, the Overall experience was good. Drivers were courteous and helpful. The only thing was that we paid for self park more than 10 days prior to parking but, the parking was full (I had to drive until the roof deck parking) then drive back again to the ground floor to inform the attendant that there was no more space to park. They did a valet instead (could have saved 20 mins if I knew parking was full). But then overall experience was very good!
Rey DJ


My wait time for pick up was 45 minutes. Texted, then called, then texted again. I also texted my valet ticket number and my car was not ready.
Lance Leong


Long wait for pickup at the red sign while other parking shuttles went by a few times. Consider my arrival time was late at night, it could be much worse if I arrived at busier hours.