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QuikPark LAX
Los Angeles International Airport
9821 Vicksburg ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Indoor Self Parking
Free Shuttle every 10 min
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Covered parking only one block from LAX.

Reserve your space now! Safe, Secure and Free luggage assistance. Closest parking lot to the airport with shuttle buses running 24 hours.

QuikPark has moved to a brand new modern garage located just one block from LAX. It is located adjacent to the Concourse Hotel. We have self, valet parking and a full service car wash. The new QuikPark has many improvements that come with the brand new facility, such as new elevators and spacious stalls.

Airport Transportation: Free transportation provided to and from the airport 24 hours per day on modern shuttle buses. "You can't get closer to the Airport."
Customer Reviews

Way out was great. On my return I called for pick up and was told you don't pick up at the terminal I was at so I had to walk to the next terminal. Just glad I didn't have a lot of luggage. Then after the shuttle took a while, multiple shuttles from other garages came and went, the shuttle I road back to the garage in was standing room only from back to front. Seemed dangerously crowded. Probably not going to use QuikPark again. I'd rather pay a few extra bucks next time.
Eric Lev - Los Angeles


Easy, quick, safe - I will definitely choose this option again.
Melissa Conrey


LAX did not have power, which affected trying to get in contact for a shuttle to come pick me up. Although it was unforeseeable, still had to wait over 20 minutes for a ride.


Loved the service. So easy. Definitely using this service from now on.
VALERIE N ZAVALA - Bakersfield


Good experience overall. Shared shuttles with neighboring Hyatt Regency made valet drop of location a bit confusing (must enter parking structure, not hotel valet). Keep a second copy of your reservation confirmation for when you go pick up from customer service desk - valet asked for reservation printout, but didn't transfer it over to the desk.
Nancy - Wilmington, CA


Excellent! Just as has been everytime - we will be back! :)


This is the best parking option at LAX! Affordable, safe, clean, and the shuttles and drivers are wonderful.
S. Miller - Lakewood


I was traveling solo, so safety and closeness to LAX was crucial. My return flight arrived at midnight so again the feeling of being safe was excellent. Couldn't find my "PAID" documents. I had called from my destination to track it down. Vonda said "not to worry," which I didn't. Upon return, I mentioned her name, the manager came over and looked me up and showed that I had paid! All this at 1am in the morning. I did pay for Valet which was well worth the money spent! It made the ending to a wonderful trip very pleasant. Can't wait to go somewhere again. I know where I will park and I will definitely tell family and friends.
J. Beech - Orange County, California


Clean facility. Helpful staff. Quick pick up times. Highly recommend.


The shuttle at pickup took half an hour. And the girl on the phone when I called wasn't real on top of things. I had to tell her three times I was at terminal 2. Then when I called to see where the shuttle was, she finally tells me to look for the Hyatt shuttle that says Quikpark on the side.

When I initially called for pick up I gave her the six or seven digits that were on my valet ticket. But when I showed up they had pulled up the wrong car that happened to have the same last three numbers on the ticket. Had she taken down all the numbers I gave her originally I wouldn't have had to wait another five minutes for my car when it was rainy and cold outside.
Cynthia Macarthur - Ventura, CA