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June Hotel Parking
Los Angeles International Airport
8639 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Outdoor Valet
Free Shuttle every 30 min
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Affordable and convenient airport parking at the June Hotel. Arrive in Style with our all valet service. All vehicles are parked in a private gated area which is patrolled daily.

For your convenience we also offer vehicle wash and window tinting, please inquire upon arrival.

Reservations that go past reservation date will be charged a maximum of $15 per additional day.

Thanks for stopping in and enjoy your trip!
Customer Reviews

Unfortunately this parking experience falls very short of my expectations. While the location was perfect, the rate was spot on, the staff and parking attendant at the location was wonderful, the issue is with the Shuttle.

Number one, I was told the shuttle van would pick every 30 minutes. This did not happen. They said it would be 45-60 minutes before the shuttle would arrive. I took a Taxi. Then, when I arrive after my 16 hour International flight, I called the numbers I was provided and they numbers did not work or were transferred voicemail... I must have called at leas 10 times. I gave up and took a Taxi. My taxi charges amounted to $30 dollars, which isn't astronomical, but that's not the point. The shuttle service failed me. No once......but twice.....
Kele R Leistritz - Orange County


I would use it again. A little bit longer of a wait time upon arriving to LAX, but you can't control everything.
Lauren Young


Original heard great things about your service departures and pick up's every 10 minutes but no 45 minute wait each way.

Heard about the luxury van, but no old and creaky.

Very disappointing.
Sandra Dibble


I couldn't ask for a more reliable service.

The moment I arrived, the Custom Hotel staff were attentive and resourceful.
I like how it is an all valet service as compared to the other services out there.

The Mercedes vans were nice, but a little dirty and run down. The smell in the vans were of that travel "funk" you would smell on a 14 hour flight.


Very good service. Would make reservation in the future.
Son Nguyen


You guys were awesome! I would definitely use your service again. The people were all so kind, and they picked me up right away. They were all so helpful! However, my car was dirtier than usual when I had it returned. I generally park my car outside in LA, but this was more dirt than usual.
Danielle - Los Angeles


Had to wait about 30 mins for pick up, but overall good experience. Will try them again next time.
Marineh B. - Tujunga, CA


I'm ready to book again.
Chrles M. - OXNARD, CA


This place was great. I got Valet parking, 5 minutes away from the airport for about $7 a day! Showed up a little early and you get to wait in a really nice lobby. When I arrived I gave them a call to tell them I arrived and they picked me up at the curb in about 10 minutes. Really great experience. Wouldn't think of parking anywhere else.
James M. - Los Angeles, CA


Overall very convenient and inexpensive. My car was filthy after being parked there 5 days so I'm on the fence about coming back if they park it outside.
Joy T. - Gardena, CA