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Airport Center Express
Los Angeles International Airport
5959 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Indoor Self Parking
Free Shuttle every 15-20 min
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Airport Center LAX Entrance Inside Airport Center Parking Airport Center Shuttle Indoor Parking Airport Center LAX
Driving distance to LAX: 0.6 miles
Clearance: 6'6"
Open 24/7

Competitive rates and friendly service just a few short blocks from LAX, next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Covered self-park facility featuring continuous shuttle service 24/7 on full-size modern shuttle buses. Complimentary luggage assistance.

Additional information:

Self-Park: We have two entrances from Century Blvd. Self-Parking is on levels 4-7 in the parking garage. Elevators are located on each level to take you from your car to the shuttle stop on the ground floor.

Upon arrival back to Los Angeles, wait for shuttle to pick you up at red PARKING LOT SHUTTLE zone in front of each of the terminals. Shuttle buses are cruising through all LAX terminals.

Payment is made at the exit booth after you have retrieved your car.
Customer Reviews

Very convenient location, shuttle took extra minutes to get on time back to the station. I would rated 4 stars because of that, but the driver was so nice to passengers. The price is reasonable and I would definitely be back to this place if I need it.
Eden Izanami Mendoza


The location is great! It is less than 10 minutes to your gate. The parking structure is well lit. The shuttle is very timely for both drop offs and pick ups. This is my go to stop when flying out of LAX.
Lawrence E Crews


There is no sign in the parking area that tells you where are can park, (there is one that says airport center ramp) and after you park the sings just tell you that you need to go downstairs for shuttle. If you use elevator on the east side, there is no sine to tell you where you need to go for shuttle, it's more confusing due to construction in that area.
Sarang N.


Lousy handicap parking. We had to park on the 5th floor.


Good quick location. This time minimal wait for shuttle at airport pickup. A little tough to find a spot on a Friday, but use a small car to fit into the small spaces.
Jackie I S


Excellent location. Fast shuttle drop off and pick up.
Andrew D. - Long Beach, CA


Driver was awesome!
Mark K. - Anaheim Hills, CA


Great guys both coming and going. Helpful, pleasant and big smiles.
Lorinda D. - Huntington Beach, CA


Before I booked this on line I read all of the reviews. Most of them referenced the fact that this lot charged you more when you checked out than the rate quoted to you when you make the reservation on line. I thought that, perhaps, all of those people did something wrong and that wouldn't happen to me. While I found the location to be pretty good and the driver friendly enough, I was extremely disappointed that when I returned the cashier charged me double what I owed. Apparetnly, the fact that I booked the space from 6:00 am Sat to 8:00 am Mon was the problem. I arrived at the structure at 5:30 am Sat and departed at 8:30 am Mon. That hour difference constituted a charge for a full day, even though I didn't get back to the lot until 8:30 because I was waiting on the shuttle to pick me up from the airport. Had it not been for them overcharging me, I would highly recommend this lot. But I don't have money to just give away for no reason and I think that it is a rip off. Or at the very least they should warn their customers not to be early or it will cost them another day's rate. (Had I known that I would have parked on the street until 6 am)
Annette S. - Cypress, CA


Parking is from the 5th floor and up only, so it did take a while to find parking and leave. Not the best place if you are in a hurry as the shuttle back to the airport did take awhile. Best to leave yourself plenty of time. All parking was indoors in well lit garage. Very big and crowded so be sure to remember where you parking. All self-parking too. Great rates too considering how close it is to the airport.
Sean C. - Lompoc, CA