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Marriott LAX Parking
Los Angeles International Airport
5855 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Outdoor Self Parking
Indoor Valet Parking
Free Shuttle every 15-25 min
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Marriott LAX Hotel provides convenient safe and secure indoor garage Valet and outdoor self parking.

Located on Century blvd, only 2 blocks from LAX. Complimentary shuttle busses run every 15-25 minutes.

Hotel amenities for your convenience include:

- Starbucks
- Fedex/Kinkos
- Champions Sports Bar
- JW's Steak House
- Latitude 33 Restaurant
Customer Reviews

I suggest that when your customers drop off their vehicle, that you explain to them that they need to have their reservation in hand as well as the ticket stub in order to retrieve their vehicle on returning. This may already be your policy but it was not explained to me and it caused me some aggravation when trying to pick up my car.
Thomas M. Norum - La Quinta, CA


Only thing I would improve was the shuttle wait time. It only does one pass around the arrival loop. This means passengers anxious to get to their airline have to wait while pick ups slow down the loop. Should do the departure loop first, then circle back for pick ups on the arrival loop.
David D Roman


Great parking facility. Will definitely use again.
Janette Johnson


My car was hit at their facility, security said that they don't have cameras in all areas of the lot, so I had no way to identify who damaged my car.
Jorge A Ramos


Drop off and handling of the car was good, personnel at the hotel was polite. The only big problem was that pick up-took almost 40 minutes. The bus said Marriott LAX/Century blv, I asked the driver if the bus stops at the Marriott, just to double check as usual, and driver said yes. After the first drop off, we were the only guests in the bus, and the drives said "Oh, this bus does not stop at Marriott, it was a misunderstanding" and she actually said that it's not far from here to walk... with language, may I add!!! Needless to say, very disappointed by the pick up, the driver's "I don't care about your well being, just walk" attitude. So, waiting for 40 minutes I can swallow, but being dropped off somewhere on the street after confirming that this was the right bus 2 times, is unacceptable.
Thomas F - Los Angeles


Reserved indoor valet and have just had my car washed when I dropped it off. When I picked it up my car was very dusty dirty and had bird droppings on it. The valet confirmed that my car was indeed parked outside, not indoor as per my reservation. Valet offered to comp my next visit and gave me a business card. But that still does not cover the expense of my car wash nor the extra time that it took me to go have that taken care of. This is not the first time this has happened.
Mary Howard


Vehicles made their own parking spots in the main aisle which made it difficult to enter and exit. Otherwise it's great! Shuttle is huge bonus and Marriott staff is A+!
Cynthia M


Convenient location, easy to find and close to the airport. Outdoor self parking, we left our car 11 days and found a good deal online. We waited only 10 minutes for the ride to the airport (it was around 5 pm), it was a 5 minutes ride.

On the way back, we waited about 15 minutes only, it was 9 pm and a lot busier.
The check out from the parking facility was easy, the exit to drive back to the 405 South pretty straightforward! Will definitively parked there again.
Dom - San Diego


This is the best parking experience I've had near LAX. Valet took my car, loaded luggage into van and off to the airport.

When I arrived back in LA, van picked us up within 10 min of our arrival at pick-up point. Took about 5 min at the hotel for them to retrieve my car and load it with our luggage. Will use this service again.
Sylvia - Palm Springs


Everyone was very helpful and friendly. This is my parking spot from now on.
Ronald E. Beil - CA