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WallyPark Premier Garage
Los Angeles International Airport
9700 Bellanca Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
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Free Shuttle every 5 min
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WallyPark LAX has been setting the benchmark of quality among LAX parking garages. It is independently managed and operated to provide travelers unmatched quality of airport parking from check in until checkout.

Free shuttles to terminals run continuously on demand any time of day.
Customer Reviews

Parking our car at Wally Park went smoothly. The structure has hanging walls which prevents door dings, which was so nice. The shuttle was ready to take us to the airport and we got to the airport quickly.

Pickup was a different story! We waited on the top (rules at LAX have changed this year) for over 20 minutes with no shuttle. Others were waiting for the Wally Park shuttle, too. I called and the person on the phone said to go downstairs to wait for the shuttle. As we were about to go downstairs, a shuttle from another parking company pulled up and said they would drop us off at Wally Park. Finally we arrived back to our car, but only to wait a long line to cash out. Only one cashier with 10 people in line! I don't think I will use this parking lot again.
DanaM - Huntington Beach


This was a fantastic experience, and I will use this location for parking at LAX again. Staff was very friendly, helpful, and the shuttle was right there when I arrived. When I came out of the airport, the shuttle was right there again. I never waited even a minute. The drivers rush out to grab bags, and they even have free water and made-to-order coffee selection in the lobby. I self parked outdoors, on 6th floor, and I had no issues with my car. You have to push the open button on the elevator when it stops, but other than that, this is the smoothest experience I've had parking near the airport. I appreciate the professionalism and kindness of all staff. Great location, and I felt safe as a woman traveling alone. Thank you!
Melissa H - Bakersfield, California


I was surprised at how efficient Wally Park is. Personnel very courteous and helpful.

When it was time for pick-up, I noticed that the shuttles did not always stop at the pick up points. For us, it was difficult to get cell phone reception at the airport so we had difficulty reaching Wally Park to let them know where we were. It says the shuttles stop at all pick up points but that was not our experience. We were able to catch the 4th shuttle going by. They run very frequently, so we lucked out there!


Great job. Coming back again.
Kevin M Tyler - Riverside


Overall, very good. The staff was friendly and helpful. The only challenge was at checkout. They could not find a way to arrive at the quoted balance due. They tried many things, but I still paid slightly more than the agreed upon amount.
Kevin S.


The parking is OK, but the price is a rip off. I ended up paying 19.95 per day for the roof top.
Eddy - MB, CA