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Westin Los Angeles Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Self Parking
Outdoor Valet Parking
Covered Valet Parking
Free Shuttle every 15-25 min
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Garage Valet parking - Safe and secure. Only 4 blocks to LAX - first hotel on left on W. Century Blvd. Just pull in front of the hotel and off you go to the airport. Best Value at LAX. Free luggage assistance.

Free Shuttle bus to & from all LAX terminals.
Customer Reviews

Fastest and most efficient service. Personnel was very courteous. Dropped off vehicle in front of the hotel and did not have to wait for shuttle.The driver to the airport almost passed up our terminal stop. Had to be told to stop. Did not have to wait to be picked up at airport. Will definitely use again. Price is reasonable.
nelson - vista


Excellent parking garage very near to LAX at an up-scale hotel. Courteous staff and frequent shuttle service to terminals.
Maria B. Penny - San Diego


Friendly staff. Everyone is helpful. Shuttle service responsive. Highly recommended.
Marjorie L Pollock


I've parked in this structure at least 10 times in the past year. To get from the hotel to the airport I've never have to wait more than 10 minutes for the shuttle, but I usually wait 15 - 20 minutes (or in a few instances even more) to get picked up from the airport. Most of the shuttle drivers are not particularly friendly and on multiple occasions I've had some that didn't offer to help me with bags, even after seeing my struggle to lift them onto the bus. Almost every single one of their transfer vehicles has the "service engine" light on, and in one case EVERY single light was on (e.g. service engine, oil change, check brakes, etc.) and I even took a picture as evidence. On the positive side, it's mostly covered parking and I don't usually have a problem finding a spot unless it's a holiday weekend.
Katie - Los Angeles


Such a great place to park!
Julie N Ortlieb


Can't say anything negative about my experience. It is close to the airport. There're attendants who are helpful in guiding you if it's your first time. It is indoor parking attached to the hotel. Even found a spot tight next to the door into the hotel. Shuttle wait time was less than 10 minutes both ways, with helpful and courteous drivers. Will definitely park here again.
Los Angeles


Works well when you figure everything out.


This is the third time I have used Westin LAX parking, and it was a pleasant one, very little wait time both ways, the driver is very helpful.
Fred - Thousand Oaks


Whether it was coincidence or not, we waited no more than 2 minutes for the shuttle in either going into or out of LAX during the busy holiday season.

LAX is just a mess in itself, so you have to consider that as well. The drivers were both very nice and friendly, and eager to help with the six pieces of luggage our family had. The Westin is a nice hotel and I feel very comfortable leaving my vehicle there for the two weeks we were gone. The rates are very competitve as well.
Nate - SoCal


Smooth sailing. Was really impressed with how easy the process was.
Sam S. - CA