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Mega Airport Parking
Los Angeles International Airport
11200 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90304 View map
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At Mega Airport Parking we are dedicated to providing you the best level of SERVICE! Not only we offer you a bang for your buck, but also provide all our clients with a SAFE and SECURE parking lot. Unlike other machine operated lots, we have Friendly Staff at the parking lot 24/7 that can assist you with all your needs. We have FREE airport shuttles running every 10-15 minutes, 24/7 365 days-a-year.
Customer Reviews

Wait time for pickup after landing was extraneous. Van was unkempt. Driver was non-interactive. It was cheap. Now I know the reason.


Great service...Great price ...Thanks Mega!


Place is not amazing, but the price is good. Suttle was pretty fast to pick me up from the airport but in the way to go i had to wait a while. If you wanna save some money, i would recommend, otherwise, i probably would try some other parking place.


Won't park here again - they only run one shuttle van which is dirty, dented, and pretty cheesy looking, so if you miss it (like we did), you have to wait 40 minutes for the next pickup from the airport (like we did). The van driver (a young lady) texted while driving, didn't wear a seat belt, played her ghetto music in the van, and nearly side-swiped two separate cars when speeding down Sepulveda. It was a wild ride.

The parking lot was packed with cars, but when we arrived back at the lot, they had pulled it out and it was waiting for us (as she had texted our confirmation number before our arrival). They also have signs posted everywhere that parking is $7/day, but they made us pay $8 per day, which still isn't a bad price. It just came across as a little dishonest. Next time I'll pay a little more to use a company that is a little more classy.
Heather D. - Simi Valley


Nice people
Eugene Martin


I felt that the value for five days of parking was excellent - I paid under $40 for all five days. We needed to leave our keys with the company while we were out of town and I felt totally safe doing so. My car was exactly as I left it and ready to go as soon as I arrived in the shuttle.
Abigail Petrini


Parked our own car in an assigned spot and it was there as we left it when we came back. The shuttle services run every 20-25 minutes. I'll definitely use this lot again whenever we fly from LAX.
Sally Y.


The front desk lady was mean and rude. The shuttle driver was great. He was on time and nice.


I would definitely use this service again. The staff was extremely welcoming, nice and communicative throughout the whole process. It was an easy process and the price is very fair. Thanks so much!
Andrew Hu


On the day I dropped my car off, I found a nice corner spot well inside the facility. About 30 seconds after parking, one of the company's shuttles stopped right behind my vehicle and the driver assisted me with unloading my luggage from my car, loaded it onto the shuttle, handed me an information card for my car spot and return, and gave me a quick 5 minute ride to the Terminal.
Vasily V.