LAX Airport Parking
from $5.75
Park Place at LAX
Los Angeles International Airport
11333 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map

Free Shuttle every 10-20 min
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Park Place at LAX is located minutes from LAX, across the street from Lot B, with easy access from both the 405 and 105 freeways.

At Park Place, our view on providing parking services is more than just distributing tickets, parking cars, and collecting revenues - we at Lax Park Place feel that providing parking services does not only require a great degree of courtesy and strong customer relations but also, affordable prices, comfortability, convenience and security for you and your vehicle.
Customer Reviews

I think having more shuttles would be awesome. This past Tuesday night I was waiting for 20 minutes outside the terminal only to find out that the shuttle drive had been pulled over by the police and the shuttle was being impounded. So, I had to take a cab back to the parking lot. I'm glad I was reimbursed and you made it right, but having another shuttle bus would be a way to avoid long waits and problems like this in the future. As long as your prices are better than the ones of other lots, I will most likely continue to park my car with Park Place at LAX.
James T R Jr


I have used this service 3 times now, and each time they make the experience a pleasant one. Always quick to take you and pick you up from the airport. Check in is quick. Never had a problem with safety, except the driving could be safer but I think LAX almost requires you to drive a little crazy.
Riana - Yucaipa, CA


I returned last night from a two week trip with my family, and we used the Park Place at LAX to park out vehicle. I received a really good rate and the shuttles were very clean. The wait times can be improved upon, but I can accept a longer wait time when waiting to be picked up from the Airport for a cheaper rate.

The reason for my poor rating is that I paid the lot for an indoor parking spot, however, when I returned my car was coated with bird poop! Yes, not just one or two spots, but the entire back windshield was covered as well as the drivers side doors and hood. I was very upset as it appeared they car was not parked in a garage as advertised. turns out, the lot has birds that live in the garage. The clerk sent out one worker to clean my vehicle with water and a paper towel (not a good move), but this only made the problem worse as I now have bird poop smashed and smeared across my windows.

I expressed my frustration and was told "I am sorry." I must now take my vehicle to get a car wash. Not a place I would recommend parking anytime soon!!
Bruce Johnson - Corona, CA


I have parked here several times, and this was by far my best experience. The new shuttles are great and the wait was minimal… I appreciate that. The driver was very courteous. I also appreciated the online reservation and discount available. One suggestion… clean the bathroom… It was pretty gross. That's not what you want people to remember. Yes, I'll park here again.
Catherine - Carlsbad


Overall this place is a great value for the money, the only real gripe I have is that the pickup shuttle isn't always correctly labeled, which can make catching it in the LAX madhouse a pain.
lax parker


Had to call twice and wait at the airport for 45 mins before being picked up. Unacceptable.


Thanks, could have not gone any better. Pick up time was within 5 minutes. Got my car and payed and was gone in a matter of minutes.
Gerald J Jones


I found the general location, but was a bit thrown off by the sign that seemed to be telling me to keep driving. I paid for indoor parking and the car was filthy when I returned. I can't imagine that it ever saw the inside of a garage while I was gone. I'll use them again, but won't waste money paying for indoor parking.
Traveller - North Hollywood, CA


Park Place was the best price I found for what I was looking for. Fast, courtesy, happy with overall service.
D. L. - Moreno Valley, CA


I've parked here several times. I really like their facility and it's comfy. I've been here at all hours and each time same high level of service. I used their express shuttle as I was running late for a flight. Which was $15. The shuttle was taking way too long so we had to. Totally worth it. Made it to my flight by minutes. AND i didn't have to wait on other people to get dropped off or bite my nails hoping we make it on time.
Samuel C. - Los Angeles, CA