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Easy Park LAX
Los Angeles International Airport
6101 West 98th St., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map

Free Shuttle every 12-15 min
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EasyPark LAX Parking Shuttle Parking Lot Entrance Inside the Airport Shuttle
Great Service and Location
- Self parking 2 blocks from LAX Airport behind the Sheraton hotel
- Direct Access from Century Blvd.
- Express Luggage Assistance

24/7 Security
- Roving employees
- High level lighting system
- Convenient and secure location

Exceptional Value
- Continuous Shuttles to Terminals (every 10 min)
Customer Reviews

Everything is great, except for the wait time. Had to wait about 30 mins to finally get picked up from shuttle from airport to my car after a very long flight. Nonetheless, I would use Easy Park LAX again.


Overall it was a good experience. I was a little aprehensive when I pulled into the lot because it looked like there were not spots available. I was hoping it wouldn't be a problem and within a minute of driving around the lot I found a spot. The spots are small so if the cars around you aren't parked well you may have a tough spot or if you've got an SUV. Luckily, my car is small enough to fit in the spot. The shuttle was waiting at the stop and was quick in getting me to the terminal. Upon arrival back, the shuttle was quick (within 10 minutes) and had me back at my car quickly.

One thing to remember - because you've prepaid in you DO NOT pay at the pay station within the lot. Go to the exit gate and then press the intercom button. Make sure you have your CONFIRMATION # easily accessible. Once you give them the Conf# they will adjust your pricing so you only pay the remaining balance. I saved almost $10 on my parking by reserving in advance with this site so I'll def be using the site again and this location as well.
Roma - Orange County


Problem is there is no live person in the parking lot. You have to pay at a kiosk. I arrived at noon so it was OK, but I would not park in this lot if I arrived when it was dark.
Dan - Irvine


This is my second favorite budget parking facility. My main concern was having a wider parking spot (most budget facility have super compact parking spots). I can park my BMW with peace and walk away here. It's an open lot so yes your car may be a little dusty upon your return. There are two entrances to the parking lot on Avion and 98th or Avion and 96th. There are two shuttle stops in the parking lot... stop #1 is closest to the main entrance and is better lit at night. Stop #2 is in the middle of the lot and it's a bit dim, I recommend that you walk back to stop #1, but the shuttle will stop at both places.

The ride to the airport is about 8 minutes to terminal 1 and the shuttles do seem to run every 15 minutes. Courteous drivers, shuttle is OK (not too old), AC runs fine. When you come back to LA, make sure you call them and let them know in which terminal you are and wait by the RED shuttle loading area. The most I ever waited for 5 minutes for a pick-up (out of 3 trips). Upon your return, all you have to do is pull up to the exit gate, do NOT insert your ticket, press the intercom button, and follow the attendant's instructions. Very good experience here!
Alex K. - Los Angeles, CA


Good location, close to airport.
Cheaper than other lots, probably because it's outdoor.
Helpful and courteous shuttle driver (when the shuttle finally came).

Long wait for shuttle (more than half an hour), even on a busy Friday night.
No lot attendant to collect payment, so to get the reserved rate, one has to talk through an intercom at the gate to someone offsite, tedious process that causes cars to backup at the exit gate.


For my needs, Easy Park was fine. It is an outdoor facility and parking can be cramped. It may be a little tough to find the first time but you will have no problem after that. Employees and shuttle service for me was good.

Be aware, if you use the pay station at the shuttle stops, you may be charged more than your Cheap Parking discount rate.

I now have to wait for a $40 credit card credit because there was no night manager. The employee who took my information was nice, courteous and quick so I could get on my way but she added my claim to an already fairly thick stack.
James D. - Arleta, CA


A little difficult to find initially, but the location is not far from the airport. Located right behind Sheraton Hotel. Shuttle service was quick. It's an outdoor lot, so your car will naturally be dirty after few days of parking. Good pricing and fast shuttle service. Will park here again.
Han C. - Rowland Heights, CA


Hard to find a space, very crowded. Long wait at airport upon return. Not marked very well where to wait for shuttle.
Marie A. - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


Had a hard time leaving. No parking attendant. didn't know how to use my reservation......
Sonja O. - Oceanside, CA


I recently parked on this lot twice and the experience was great. Drivers offered help carrying the luggage and they were very polite. The best outdoor self parking lot in town!
Kevin - Anaheim, CA