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Airport Center Express (closed)

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QuikPark LAX Entrance QuikPark LAX Parking Structure Indoor Parking QuikPark
Driving distance to LAX: 0.4 miles
Type of parking: Indoor Self, Indoor Valet
Clearance: 6’6”
Open 24/7

Competitive rates and friendly service just half a block from LAX. Covered parking facility featuring both self and valet parking. Free shuttle service 24/7 on full-size modern shuttle buses. Complimentary luggage assistance.

Additional information:

Valet: Please enter on Century Blvd. You will see our friendly valet under the canopy just inside the entrance. Our valet will check you in and assist you with your luggage. You can also have your car washed or detailed while you are away.

Self-Park: Please enter on Century Blvd. If you require luggage assistance, you can stop at the valet stand under the canopy, our friendly valets would be happy to assist you with your luggage. Self-Parking is on levels 4-7 in the parking garage.

Upon arrival back to Los Angeles, wait for shuttle to pick you up at red HOTEL & COURTESY SHUTTLE signs in front of each of the terminals. Shuttle buses are cruising through all LAX terminals.

Upon your arrival to the lot at the end of your trip, go to the office to pay for your parking before heading to your car.
Customer Reviews

Overall we were very satisfied. There are two issues I wish to address. The first was when we attempted to ride the elevator from the 6th floor, it never arrived after waiting about 10 minutes; it was about 5:45 AM. We had to walk down the ramp to the floor below to check to see if we could access the elevator from the 5th floor. Fortunately the elevator opened right away. The next drawback was having to lug our luggage down a flight of steps from the 2nd to the 1st floor. I don't understand why you don't have elevator access all the way down to the 1st floor? This is very inconvenient especially for someone with multiple pieces of luggage, the elderly and anyone with mobility problems. This main issue could prevent us from using your facility in the future which is quite unfortunate.
Jozell G. - Cerritos, CA


I'm NOT going to park here again. When this was Quick Park, there was friendly staff and a good number of drivers and vans. I had been using Quick Park for a decade at the "Subway" location. Now the drivers have bad attitudes, I waited for over 30 minutes and that was after calling twice. They won't have my business again.
Mani - Los Angeles


When I pick up my car, the cashier try to charge me a higher rate then quoted on my print out. So, remember to print out a copy of your quote to show the cashier. Glad i had a copy on my phone to show her, but overall my expeience of parking here is great.
David M. - Spring Valley, CA


I will definitely park here again! They people that work here are really kind and the shuttles were easy to catch and deal with. I got really great service. Before I left for the airport I accidentally left a light on in my car and it completely drained my car battery. I went back to the office to ask for help and the woman working at the front desk called one of the valet over, he drove me back to my spot and gave my car a jump. It made my trip home MUCH easier. I really appreciated their willingness to help!
Anthony D. - Irvine, CA


So easy. Love the valet option. The shuttle was quick and you can't beet the location. The daily price is a great deal for all the conveniences. I will definitely use them again.
Tim - Fullerton, CA


The elevator was not working - extremely inconvenient and time consuming.
Michael G. - Altadena, CA


Everything was great, but it took quite awhile for the shuttle to show up. The check out was fast when we got to the garage.
Susan S. - Irvine, CA


It would be helpful, especially for first-time reservation customers (like I was), to have clearer instructions on your website about what exactly will happen at the facility. The facts I did NOT know, going in, included:

- WHERE to park (5th floor and higher only).
- It was extremely important to keep the little parking ticket I got at the gate, and bring that with me when picking up the car.
- It was necessary to bring with me the original reservation numbers (or receipt) in order to receive those special long-term prices.

I was able to finish this transaction with very little trouble, but that was more luck than preparation. A clear notice on the website regarding the facts listed above would have certainly helped, a lot.
Joshua L. - Lake Oswego, OR


There is no elevator from the first floor, which is really a headache if you travel with a lot of luggage. The elevator goes from second floor to top only.

The wait times for the shuttle can be a bit long, but the drivers have always been friendly.
Hermann - Burbank, CA


I have parked in this location for more than 12 years. My car has been in this lot more than in my garage over these past years. When it was Quickpark, I was a happy camper. Never had a complaint. Since the change-over to Airport Center Express the wait times have become exceedingly long and the shuttle drivers (except for one carry-over from Quickpark days)are poorly trained and not at all friendly. Yesterday morning I had two shuttles drive by me without even looking and I had to step off the curb into the street to flag down a third shuttle as it went buzzing by. I am finding a new place to park. Probably back to Quickpark even though they do not have valet parking.
Bill - Diamond Bar