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Value Park LAX

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LAX Self Parking Structure LAX Self Parking Entrance
This LAX parking facility is convenient to the 405 Freeway. Don't fight Century Blvd traffic, relax as our drivers take you to and from the airport in comfortable walk-in 18 passenger shuttles.

We offer a clean and safe place to park at LAX at a reasonable rate. Our drivers are courteous and professional and will assist you with your luggage.

We are always open and our shuttles are always operating 24/7.

Garage clearance is 6'8".
Customer Reviews

I used this facility in June. It was my first time. I was a bit hesitant because they were fairly new and i've never used them.

Their location is pretty spot on. Very close. It was a little hard to find though, there is no signage. Or at least there wasn't any when I used them. I pulled into the lot behind 9920 and sure enough it was there.

You can pretty much park anywhere. Take an elevator down and cross a street to take the shuttle. They share the shuttle with 405 Park.

I waited like 10 minutes or so. The shuttle driver was a female. She was all business. I liked her. She was helpful and explain to everyone their pick up process and gave us cards.

Since they share the shuttle it got packed quick. Which sucks because on the way back you run the risk of not getting a shuttle.

When we returned, our shuttle picked us up fairly quick. Maybe a 10 minute wait. It was another driver. Latino guy. The shuttle was almost full: the driver made like 2 more pick ups and they were full. Like people standing full.

We were forced to skip people who needed to be picked up. One lady actually ran after and caught up to the shuttle and yelled until the driver opened the door. she managed to squeeze herself in.

My review is based on MY experience. It was overall pretty good.

But I could imagine the lady who ran after them wouldn't rate them so well...
Samuel C. - Los Angeles, CA


The parking structure is very conveniently located. The width of the parking places is average. When we arrived to park, a shuttle was waiting to immediately take us to LAX. Upon our return we only had to wait 9 minutes for a shuttle, even though it was rush hour. Both drivers were helpful and courteous. When we checked out, I presented the reservation form we'd printed out from the internet when we made our reservation, and things flowed smoothly. The rate was as promised, and very competitive. I will definitely use Value Park LAX next time.
Robert R. - Yucaipa, CA


The shuttle advertised is not for the Value Park, it is for the 405 garage across the street. That meant I had to go out of the garage at 10 pm in order to catch the shuttle. On the return trip the shuttle driver had the radio, so loud it felt like I was at a rock concert.
Cherry K - San Diego


It was my first time parking here. It was easy to find and convenient to the airport. Pick-up and drop-off was easy, wait time was reasonable. Staff was friendly and helpful. Pricing was great. I will park here again.
Dawn B. - Calabasas, CA


Couldn't ask for more! Value Park is my new go-to spot for LAX parking.
Bennie Williams - CA


The staff was very nice both at parking lot and in the shuttle. The wait times were a little long on shuttles and the parking at night is not very well lit, but overall it was a good value and parking experience.
Renee - Orange County


I read some negative reviews but decided to take a chance and I'm very happy I did. The shuttle was prompt, the location is great and the drivers are very friendly. I didn't have to wait more than 2-3 min on my way to or from the airport; the drivers did tell me that they currently have just one shuttle running and that the waiting times can get up to an hour. They will add the second shuttle once it is repaired. I'm very satisfied and will be using this parking facility again in future. Just make sure to give yourself extra 30-40 min for the possible shuttle delay and show your reservation confirmation, when you're checking out.
Lena - Los Angeles, CA


The lot is in a great location. You could use a few more drivers and buses. Drivers were very helpful with great attitude. Wait time for pick-up from airport is much much better. Would definately use you again.
Cecelia M. - Murrieta, CA


Shuttle was OK on departure. But I had to wait for too long on returning. Also, Waiting time when exiting the parking lot was way too long... the attendant had to cross to the other building to run credit card on the machine.

A+ on the very low cost compared to others...
Tonton Kymaa - Paramount, CA


I would like to mention that the person at the check out time was inexperienced and wanted to charge me extra for parking under roof area. I was lucky to keep my original resrvation where it stated the ammount owed. She had to call a second person to make corrections and finally, I was able to leave without paying extra. The attendant at check in was very polite and helpful, and the shuttle drivers also were very professional.