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Park Air Express

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Park Air Express is a full-service modern airport parking facility serving Los Angeles Int'l Airport and conveniently located just two blocks from LAX. We offer great rates and a convenient location.

Services Provided:
- Self & Valet Parking
- Indoor Garage Parking
- 24/7 Shuttle Service
- Carwash (additional charge)
- Complimentary Newspapers

The clearance for Self Park is 6'2". Any vehicle higher that this clearance will have to Valet Park and will be charged the difference between self park and Valet Rates.
Customer Reviews

Been parking at Johnny park for years but grew tired of hte long waits for shuttles. Tried this one. Service was great. The night I left we were almost at my terminal when I realized I left my phone in my car. The driver took me right back, watied for me and got me there in time. Very impressed by the level of service.
Jovial K. - North Hollywood, CA


Having read the previous reviews, I was prepared. The location is convenient and since it's next to the Hilton, it was easy to find. Once in the parking structure it was a little confusing, but we didn't get lost! We had valet parking, so we drove right up to the reception area and were checked in. It would be much better if they would help you take your bags to the shuttle area. On our return we waited about 10-15 mins after we had called for the shuttle. The desk person said that if we ever arrive after 11pm, there is only one shuttle, maybe that is why some have had to wait longer. My criticism again is that the shuttle drops you off at the wait area and you have to schlep your luggage to the reception area and then they load your luggage. Other valet services I have used take care of your luggage from shuttle to car trunk while you pay. Overall it was good, but I may check out others next time.
B - Los Angeles, CA


I have parked here in the past with somewhat mixed results on shuttle recovery, but this time was very prompt, partially by luck I think. The airport security staff also uses the shuttle now, so the rounds appear to be more frequent. The ability to take your keys with you when self parking as opposed to stacked parking is limited, since the single spots fill up with building tenants by 6 am.

The tip by another reviewer to add time to the end of your pickup time also worked well in the event there was a delay. I have another trip planned soon and will use the lot again. The entire experience was excellent.
Alan - Encinitas, CA


We had a very good experience with Park Air Express. The discount offered on your site was also very good. We will continue to use your site whenever we travel from LAX and need parking. The shuttle driver was terrific he made an amazing right turn into the narrow drive that leads into Park Air.
Malcolm K. - Encino, CA


Really liked the price, proximity to the airport, AND most of all the frequency of the shuttles. Going to the airport, the shuttle was waiting for us and returning to the parking garage we only waited about 5 minutes.
Nancy T.


Great service and even better price! I will definitely use it again!
L. Alves - Los Angeles, CA


I had a good experience as indicated above but it was all wiped out by the dent that was in my Porsche when I picked it up.
James R. - Beverly Hills, CA


When we were going to catch our flight, we had a hard time locating the parking lot, the sign was seen at the last minute and that is only because we were going slow. They do need more signs directing people, it is very misleading. Once we found the area, the guy there told us where to park and the shuttle was waiting. Coming back though, we waited 1/2 hour and after 2 phone calls of them telling us they were on their way, showed up. We got to the car and our car had another car parked behind us and they did not take the keys from the driver. Luckily there was an area that the attendant was able to get the car out, which was not an easy task because of the beams in the parking lot. Don't think I would do this company again.
Michael D. - Long Beach, CA


We arrived back at LAX and called for a pick-up from Terminal 1. 20 minutes later, we still had not been picked up. I called back and they said they had been by 5 minutes earlier (not true), that the shuttle was at Terminal 4, and that the next one would be there right away. 15 minutes after that, a shuttle arrived, which then proceeded to stop at every terminal. This would be understandable if they had been on time initially, but it was unacceptable because they had not. So it essentially took them 50 minutes to take us 2 blocks. Once we got to the structure, the person checking people out was extremely disinterested, if not totally rude. The savings in price and relatively good location are appealing, but not worth it. While we were waiting we saw about 15 vans from The Spot, and about 10 from WallyPark. Skip these guys until they get their act together.
Michael B. - Huntington Beach, CA


Good place to park at LAX. And I got a thorough car washing while I was gone!
Helen H. - Los Angeles, CA