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Park Air Express

5757 W Century Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Park Air Express is a full-service modern airport parking facility serving Los Angeles Int'l Airport and conveniently located just two blocks from LAX. We offer great rates and a convenient location.

Services Provided:
- Self & Valet Parking
- Indoor Garage Parking
- 24/7 Shuttle Service
- Carwash (additional charge)
- Complimentary Newspapers

The clearance for Self Park is 6'2". Any vehicle higher that this clearance will have to Valet Park and will be charged the difference between self park and Valet Rates.
Customer Reviews

I travel often and usually go for self park but decided to the valet route this last trip. Upon arrival, I figured out where to go and where to park easily enough. The attendant was great and took my luggage right to the shuttle stop. So far so good. The problems start there unfortunately. Since they have limited shuttles (3 total) had to wait a considerable amount of time before it left the stop and I almost missed my flight. On the return home, I waited over 30 minutes to get picked up after I called in. Actually after 20 minutes of waiting, the shuttle went by me after I was standing directly underneath the red pickup zone and trying to flag him down. Never even looked in my direction and he had no passengers on board.

In summary, until PAE hires competent drivers and expands their number of vehicles, it is not worth the discount.
Frustrated Traveler - Ventura, CA


The people in the garage itself were very courteous and helpful. The shuttle drivers were also very courteous and helpful.

What was very confusing for me was where to go once I'd entered the parking structure- really not clearly marked, and a bizarre passageway down to parking area by the carwash- I had to ask the carwash people where to go.

Once I was down in the parking area, people were taking car keys- again very confusing, as I'd signed up online to self park, not valet. I've never had to give my keys away when self parking long term at LAX.

Upon returning, I found my car, and a gentleman told me where I had to go to complete payment- this was also strange and not easy to find- person taking payments not friendly.

Your company could benefit from posting more signs in the garage, and putting in writing what it is exactly that customers need to do after entering the facility, and how to pay upon exit. Lots of confusion. Don't know if I'd use this particular garage again.
m. V.d.S. - Ojai


You need more shuttles. More frequent and less crowded. Our shuttle was packed and we waited longer than we wanted to.
Steve D. - Beverly Hills, CA


I have been a long time customer... I used the discounted price plan for the first time. Shuttle to the airport was unusually small... never seen that small size before.
Harold G. - Calabasas, CA


Saturday at 10pm LAX was quite insane with the an abundance of competitors shuttles for parking and hotels coming and going. When the Park Air Express Shuttle made it to the pick up the driver was patient and made it to the curb to board me safely. This is a great parking facility. I come her 1st before any other.
Kelly A H. - Winter Park


One of the dudes there even remembered me parking there 4 days earlier, it was nice to know that I wasn't just some face in the crowd.
Daniel S. - Long Beach, CA


At check out clerk tried to charge additional $60 + . Took care of it once I showed receipt. She looked a little frazzled at the time....maybe too many phone calls, dispatch, and check out of clients. Seamed like passenger seat may have been adjusted, don't know why....Overall OK.
Keith M. - Carpinteria, CA


You guys are my parking garage of choice at LAX. The attendants in the garage are a real plus, and they are always very helpful and very pleasant to deal with. I love the fact that the shuttle is always waiting to take me to the airport. I get to the terminal faster with you than with anyone else (including lot C). The only small room for improvement is waiting time for the shuttle at the terminal. I generally see a few Wally Park shuttles as well as some others go by before your shuttle arrives (even having called to request one). However it is never too long a wait, and it is a small price to pay for the great service, convenient location, and quick getaway from garage to airport.
Peter K. - Malibu, CA


I was impressed with the quickness of the shuttle, both going and coming. There were a large number of airport employees on the shuttle, obviously they would use a shuttle that is reliable and on-time.
Susan S. - Westlake Village, CA


Great experience. I would definitely use again.
Larry H.