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Brand new Indoor/Outdoor parking facility. Clean, well-lit, and professionally maintained, The park at LAX provides a first-class parking environment for your vehicle. Open 24/7, so there's no waiting, we offer both indoor and outdoor pricing options.

Outdoor Parking: Please add $1.00 per day for SUVs, Trucks and Vans.
Customer Reviews

DO NOT PARK HERE.... Let me say, I wish I would have read these reviews prior to parking here. ugh I wish I would have went with others, even if they were higher.

here's what happened. I arrived last night from my flight @ the time I told them I would get in. I followed their instructions about calling once I'm off & ready w/ luggage (this time I had no checked bags, so I was ready to go) I called as soon as I was outside at 10:14 & the guy told me they had a guy in the area & he would be there to pick me up in a few. 20 minutes later, nothing. I called & asked for a ETA as I had an event that I was to be at last night & he said "there's a accident there at the airport & he was stuck in all this traffic... he'll be there in a bit" 15 minutes later (35 min total since I called) I called & asked what was going on? he said "my driver is there he'll be there in a few" & I said 'where at exactly" as I'm tired of being lied to. & he said "he's at tom bradly airport" (well duh)& I said "I know that, where at exactly... what terminal?" and he mumbled & finally just said 'between 3 & 4" (I was at 5) so I said 'good if he's not here in 10 minutes, I'll be calling to take a cab to you guys that you can pay for." I asked a few drivers of various shuttle companies if there was a accident on the way or in the airport & they said nothing at all. in the mean time I spoke with the LAX pd & asked if there was any accidents just to make sure & they said nothing at all, it's all traffic but no incidents. so I was lied to. not cool. all I ask for is honesty & they could have said 'he'll be leaving soon & or there is traffic" don't lie. 10 minutes passed (45 min since I called) & I was just about to call again & here comes the shuttle finally. here's where it gets horrible. I was standing, off to the side of many people so I stood out & he clearly saw me w/ the yellow contract in my hand. I waived & he acknowledge me & pulled in. I got off the curb to walk to the door & he kept driving!!! I started running after him (he didn't even stop as they're all supposed to) & knocked on the side of the door & he kept driving. I had to chase him & finally had some others help me by really pounding on the door. I was clearly being treated like this cause they thought I impatient (now we're at 50 minutes since I called them when i could have been home by this time) i asked him why he just ignored me & he wouldnt give me a answer. I then asked him where this so called accident was at & he was like throwing his hands up & saying 'o it was over there' & i asked him again. i wanted specific streets so i could avoid that route on the way home & his story started to change. said there was a fire at LAX, which this is not true. i caught him on his lie & said "u said there was a accident on the way, now you're saying there's a fire? i checked w/ the sheriffs here @ the airport as well as various other shuttle drivers & they know nothing... please tell me where this was so I can avoid it on my way home" & he would not give me a answer for the life of me. I finally just said 'I'm done" as he or this company wasn't worth my time. when I got to the facility, my car was out front so I went in to pay. I told the guy how disappointed I was as I have used their company a few times before & was happy for the most part with it, but this incident has sealed the deal for no longer using their service. I gave great referrals to a lot of friends about them & clients & I will make sure they're aware of this. the guy at the desk just did the whatever apology that they're instructed to give & offered no recourse. I did tell the guy I didn't deserve to get lied to & simply telling me the truth would have been acceptable. I get it...its LA. traffic is a bitch. the driver stood by to hear what I was gonna say & just started going off in Spanish so I couldn't understand to the guy at the desk & clearly was mad that I knew I was being lied to. the guy at the desk had to tell him to calm down. I paid my bill & went to my car. Now here's where it gets EXTREMEMLY FUCKED UP! I get to my car to find that my door is fucked up & they did something internally to the door so it wouldn't shut. it was just hanging there (they did 'shut it' but it didn't catch so my door was open) it wouldn't close at all! now mind u... why didn't the guy inside tell me this as I paid? why did he wait for me to find it? He then claims my door was like that all the time & I asked why they didn't call me?? I know they did this in revenge to me calling for a eta about my car. This has never happened to my car & was deliberate. the driver started laughing when he saw my reaction to my car & was a complete ass. i tried to look up the LAX PD # but was so shooken up as i was in tears. I didnt do anything to deserve this & they were assholes. the guy behind the desk didn't want me to call the cops & decided to come out & help me. meanwhile it's almost midnight & landed almost 2 hrs ago & still dealing with this. they fixed my hinge but i will never forget this expierence. i wanted to call the cops but i was just drained, miss my event & it wouldn't have gotten me anywhere. please avoid this place at all cost!
Katrina K. - Los Angeles, CA


Well, the operation has 1 guy to get the cars, check people in and drive to and from the terminal-
Not a successful business model-
We had to wait for more than a half hour
Price was good, but there are other places with the same price-we will not use it again.
Rhonda L R. - Fort Collins, CO


Parking here overall was fine. Quick pick-up and only a short wait for drop-off. The shuttle drivers were fine, but the restroom was filthy and had no paper (I waited). We would use again.
Judy - CA


Overall experience was good. Only complaint was that my vehicle looked like it was parked under a flock of pigeons when I picked it up. Could have used a good hosing off at the very least.
Scott I. - Santa Barbara, CA


Driver was very courteous and helpful. Did not have to wait very long for shuttle to arrive. Overall, it was a great experience!


Simple, efficient, no hassles, friendly staff, all at a good price. Cannot ask for more than that!

Also did the car wash - perfect, great job, and at the same price I would normally pay.

This is my second time using them - will go back for sure.
S.V. - Los Angeles, CA


Overall good service for the price.
ML - West Hollywood, CA


Repeat customer. Same great quality. Highly recommended.


Will plan on using you again for parking at LAX
James C. - Valencia, CA


Great experience and very cheap!
Andy C. - Los Angeles, CA