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Park Place at LAX

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Park Place at LAX is located minutes from LAX, across the street from Lot B, with easy access from both the 405 and 105 freeways.

At Park Place, our view on providing parking services is more than just distributing tickets, parking cars, and collecting revenues - we at Lax Park Place feel that providing parking services does not only require a great degree of courtesy and strong customer relations but also, affordable prices, comfortability, convenience and security for you and your vehicle.
Customer Reviews

We did park car near LAX first time. It was great experience. Everyone was helpful and courtious. Drivers were talking nicely.
Jawahar S. - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


Location difficult to find at night. Entrance not well lit. Other than that GREAT!
Mary - Carpinteria, CA


Overall great experience - We were driven to the airport promptly and pick up when we returned was a breeze (only had to wait about 5 minutes). After check out, our car was waiting for us at the front door. Our drivers were both friendly and helpful. Our return driver was especially nice and funny! The location was easy to find and the freeway entrance to go home was right out side of the lot.
Jeanne T. - Santa Barbara, CA


It was my first time, but I will definitely use you again. Was able to get shuttle immediately upon my return and car was ready when we got to parking. Good job!
Valerie F. - Lakewood, CA


Hossein A. - Woodland Hills, CA


Efficient parking service. The location is a little farther away than other places, but their shuttle service was very quick. We were able to get on the shuttle as soon as we arrived at the parking lot, and it took less than 9 minutes for them to pick us up once we had landed.

They tended to be a little too brusque on the phone for my liking, but in person everybody was very nice.
Mariko F. - Los Angeles, CA


I had overall very good experience with this location. I will park here again next time.
May H. - Fountain Valley, CA


I have used this service a few times. This time the shuttle passed by us at the airport and didn't return for twenty minutes. In the meantime, their competition, such as Wally Park passed by over 7 times in the same period. I also had asked for the car to be washed, and they didn't because they say they were too busy. I may look into Wally Park next time.
Edwin S. - Fresno, CA


Roxanne R. - Oxnard, CA


Great service this time, way better than the last. The only issue we have is that we paid for inside parking and did not receive that service. It was late when we arrived and I did not hang to hassle over this issue. Our truck was dirtying and had been sitting outside for the ten days we were gone. Other than that everything was great. For the price there is definite value. I will use them again and just pay for outside parking.
Deborah W. - ORANGE, CA