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Covered parking only one block from LAX.

Reserve your space now! Safe, Secure and Free luggage assistance. Closest parking lot to the airport with shuttle buses running 24 hours.

QuikPark has moved to a brand new modern garage located just one block from LAX. It is located adjacent to the Concourse Hotel. We have self, valet parking and a full service car wash. The new QuikPark has many improvements that come with the brand new facility, such as new elevators and spacious stalls.

Airport Transportation: Free transportation provided to and from the airport 24 hours per day on modern shuttle buses. "You can't get closer to the Airport."
Customer Reviews

Great place to park got to and from airport no problem.
John F. - Temecula, CA


Parked here 3 times now. Closest to the airport, covered parking, good security (someone is always there), easy short shuttle rides, pick-up from the airport has always been pretty good, one of the cheapest near LAX. Could use a sign out front but it's the only parking structure on Avion, first driveway on left off of Century Blvd.
Scott W. - Colorado Springs, Co


Excellant experience; the new location is great; I'll use Quick Park on my next trip!
Robert W. - Fallbrook, CA


Love this parking lot! its super close to the airport and shuttle bus is always there when I get there. Also when I arrive I call ahead and a shuttle bus doesn't take that much time to come and get me. People are nice and helpful! Will always use this parking lot!
Cris - SK


Will use again & recommend.
Ira S. - Camarillo, CA


Came back into LAX last night. Got lucky, and the shuttle came just as we walked up to the crowded red tram stop. Our driver could not have been nicer, loaded our luggage for us. He took a careful look at every terminal to see if anyone was waiting for him, and communicated with the lot.

The lot is about as close as you can get to LAX, so it makes for a quick trip. Personnel at the garage was also very friendly. This is my 3rd experience with a garage on, and i will not be going back to lot C and B.

This garage is the first thing on the left once you turn onto Avion, and says "Lot F." Also, DO NOT forget your printout of the reservation, or you will have problems. I print 2 - 1 to keep in the car, and another that I keep with me.
Marilyn C - California


As I drove up I could see no signs, because they do not have any signs. I drove around the block a few times and I finally called. They guided me to the lot and told me that there are no signs because they don't have the permits for it. The first person I dealt with was courteous. I parked and there was a shuttle waiting to take me to the airport. The problem begins when I get back to LAX. I picked up my bags and proceeded to the red sign (courtesy and hotel shuttles) where I was told to wait for pickup. I waited for 20 minutes and nothing while I saw other parking shuttles stop and pickup people (every 5 minutes same companies) I called the lot and they told me that they only have 3 shuttles. I told them they need more especially during rush hour times (Sunday night very busy). I waited anther 20 minutes now 40 minutes. I finally saw the shuttle and guess what, it did not even attempt to stop, just drove pass by me. I tried to run to the next terminal and could not make it. I called the lot again and they just said sorry and not attempt to call in the shuttle and have them wait for me. I waited another 20 minutes for another one, very exhausted from my 6 hour flight. I got fed up and just walked to the lot. Took almost another 25 minutes to get to. I got the the lot and I see 2 of the shuttles parked in the lot and one waiting outside. My point I would never park at QuickPark, they need to change their name because they are not quick at all.
S - Los Angeles, CA


I'm not sure what some reviewers are saying about having less gas when they returned than when they parked, since you park your own car and keep your own keys, but I had no problems when I parked here. I was able to find a space on the fourth level, caught the shuttle just outside the elevator as soon as I got downstairs, and felt completely safe leaving my car there.

When I returned, I just called the number listed on the card given to me by the shuttle driver, and they sent someone to pick me up right away. I think my max wait at the curb was 3 minutes, and once we picked up some other passengers, it was a short 5 minute ride back to the lot where my car was safe and sound.

I highly recommend QuikPark LAX. While it may not be easy to find on your first visit, the price, service and convenience can't be beat.
M.A. - South Pasadena


Can you believe I had to run in the street to get a bus. Three shuttles pass me up, all other shuttles was coming to the curb and if no one was gesturing the need they pulled off. Not Quikpark, they came toward but then re-adjusted the shuttle and kept on going. The trip part about the whole thing is they weren't even looking toward like they were even looking for people. Me and a few other people was waving at the 4th shuttle and he did not even see us. He had to slow down to change lanes and that when I ran in the street and hit the back of the shuttle. If that's the way you want to catch a shuttle be my guest, I did not appreciate that not one bit. So, I get to the parking lot and ask to speak to supervisor(Rhela)and she took her sweet time coming out. I waited for her almost 10 minutes. The part about this experience was the people. Other than that the garage was clean.


The only real negative part of my experience was trying to call a shuttle once I arrived. QuickPark gives a nice professional card with instructions to call upon arrival. Problem was no one answered the phone. I tried several times with no success before finally getting an answer. Two other passengers who got on the same shuttle as I asked me if I was able to get an answer. They had the same problem.
Lee - SF Bay