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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
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QuikPark LAX
Los Angeles International Airport
9821 Vicksburg ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Indoor Valet Parking
Indoor Self Parking
Free Shuttle every 10 min
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Covered parking only one block from LAX.

Reserve your space now! Safe, Secure and Free luggage assistance. Closest parking lot to the airport with shuttle buses running 24 hours.

QuikPark has moved to a brand new modern garage located just one block from LAX. It is located adjacent to the Concourse Hotel. We have self, valet parking and a full service car wash. The new QuikPark has many improvements that come with the brand new facility, such as new elevators and spacious stalls.

Airport Transportation: Free transportation provided to and from the airport 24 hours per day on modern shuttle buses. "You can't get closer to the Airport."
Customer Reviews

Quik Park was so easy! We used the self park, got on the elevator to go to the ground level and there was the shuttle. It took us right to our terminal at LAX.
Upon our return we collected our baggage and went outside and there was a shuttle waiting! We paid online for the parking, so when we got to our car we just showed the office our receipt and were on our way. I definitely recommend Quik Park!!
Janette Zinn - Bakersfield, CA


The best of all parking experiences ever.
Cris Tober - Pasadena


Great parking experience, everything was top notch. The only issue was the lady at the desk, she was rude and had little patience when I could not locate my confirmation email. I only dealt w/ this lady at the end, so she was a small part of the overall experience. Otherwise, awesome parking!
Remy Michelle - Brea, CA


Wonderful Experience in every possible way.
Naeem A.


I'm very happy with QuikPark - the facility is well-lit and the spaces are reasonably sized. I've parked at other places where you could barely open your car door to get out once you parked. Shuttle service was prompt and courteous. I will be back!
Bonnie M. - CA


Can you believe I had to run in the street to get a bus. Three shuttles pass me up, all other shuttles was coming to the curb and if no one was gesturing the need they pulled off. Not Quikpark, they came toward but then re-adjusted the shuttle and kept on going. The trip part about the whole thing is they weren't even looking toward like they were even looking for people. Me and a few other people was waving at the 4th shuttle and he did not even see us. He had to slow down to change lanes and that when I ran in the street and hit the back of the shuttle. If that's the way you want to catch a shuttle be my guest, I did not appreciate that not one bit. So, I get to the parking lot and ask to speak to supervisor(Rhela)and she took her sweet time coming out. I waited for her almost 10 minutes. The part about this experience was the people. Other than that the garage was clean.


The service was superb. I left my car for the weekend, and the process was very easy. When I got to the garage, the signs made it easy to find which parking structure it was, and when I came back on Monday morning, one of the valet drivers even remembered me.

I would have liked to be able to just show them my reservation on my phone since printing the email can be difficult sometimes, but it wasn't too big of a deal. I will definitely come back to this place whenever I need to park my car for a few days.
Sandra Nguyen - Los Angeles


I like it, good service. Make sure to keep the original parking ticket when you get in because otherwise they ask that when you get back your car. But not a hassle.

It's my first time parking over there and its better than I thought.
Thank you, Quickpark!
Sashika C Sonnadara


The only real negative part of my experience was trying to call a shuttle once I arrived. QuickPark gives a nice professional card with instructions to call upon arrival. Problem was no one answered the phone. I tried several times with no success before finally getting an answer. Two other passengers who got on the same shuttle as I asked me if I was able to get an answer. They had the same problem.
Lee - SF Bay


Literally 2 minutes from the terminal. Nice guys. Only 2 issues: the driver returning from airport to garage the driver must have driven in NYC before. Jerking all over the lanes, taking curves way too fast causing the 2 passengers to be thrown all over, slamming on brakes rather ease into them, not as nice as other guys. The office lady, new I understand, had communication issues. She couldn't understand what I was telling her, that I left my ticket and reservation slip in my car. She kept nodding and repeating her 'manta' If this position is going to working with English speaking customers all day they need to fluent in English. She was Indian or maybe Pakistani. A lovely Hispanic woman came out and handled situation.
Diana - inland empire