LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
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Sams Park
Los Angeles International Airport
5700 W 96th st., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
Outdoor Valet Parking
Free Shuttle every 5-10 min
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Brand new LAX parking facility located just 2 blocks from the airport. Free shuttles run every 5-10 min. We use brand new Mercedes shuttles to provide 1st class service.

The parking lot charges additional $1/day for SUVs vans and pick up trucks.
Customer Reviews

Parking made easy and the shuttle ride was quick. Pickup was a phone call away and 30 minutes from phone call, I was driving away.. Nice experience
Doug C H - Santa Maria


When I picked up my car the window was rolled down and my car had been gone threw. When I went back to the front desk there was no one there to help me. The lone guy on crutches just came on and he could do nothing for me. Will never park here again.
Alissa D. - Los Angeles


45 Min wait on return to get picked up. I will never use this parking lot again, ever.
BGJ - , CA


I have read the reviews and give Sam's Park a try and was a good experience. The price was the quoted on line and the people at the office was great and the shuttles to and from the airport was very reliable. I will use them again on the future.
Jennifer Hayles - , CA