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Sams Park

5700 W 96th st., Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Brand new LAX parking facility located just 2 blocks from the airport. Free shuttles run every 5-10 min. We use brand new Mercedes shuttles to provide 1st class service.

The parking lot charges additional $1/day for SUVs vans and pick up trucks.
Customer Reviews

Shuttle frequency is very low. Had to wait 20 mins before shuttle arrived.


I only travel rarely and have always used Lot C thinking it was the cheapest way to park at LAX. Tried Sam's and was delighted. Parked 50 feet from their door, they had paperwork ready on counter, and shuttle was read soon (4AM). Returned a week later, they answered call on first ring, shuttle arrived 10 minutes later, final paperwork was ready, car was 75 feet away ready to go.
CJ M. - Valley Village, CA


I found this parking via site because it was economical and close to LAX. I figured all parking lots are the same! nonono! This place is good and prompt! Because they are relatively new, not many people know about it.. wait time is awesome.. picked up the phone anytime... picked us up quickly! Park here! It's good!


Look for exceptional service driver Ivan! He is the man! He even remembers you! This is a good and efficient parking place. I strongly remember Sam's Park!


Quick check in, quick trip to the airport and quick pick up. Great staff, great experience! Will gladly book this location again.


I have used this site many times to park valet at surrounding airport hotels, but I waited too long before my last trip and Sams Park was the only resonable parking available. I was skeptical since it seems new, but I took the chance and I'm really glad I did. Not only was it closer than many hotels, but the shuttle ride was quick and made no other stops. The shuttle was very nice as well as was our driver.

The only thing that was annoying was that it was hard to differenciate which shuttle was ours when we flew back from our vacation. A few other parking spots have similar looking vans as well as similar names. I actually flagged down a different shuttle thinking it was Sams and the driver was very upset as I guess this seems to happen quite often between their company and Sams. Other than that, I feel I am getting a great deal at Sams and look forward to using them on my upcoming trip!
Carly - Los Angeles, CA


I would definitely recommend this place. Service is quick and reliable.
Mahesh K. - Alhambra, CA


I was already running late for an international flight and I had a unique situation with my car. The two guys that were working that morning were very helpful and made some accommodations to park my car and get me to the terminal in a timely manner. Thanks!!!!!
Mercedes A. - Palmdale, CA


Great location, friendly service, easy access to the expressway, great rates! Will park here again!
Heather F. - Escondido, CA


45 Min wait on return to get picked up. I will never use this parking lot again, ever.
BGJ - , CA