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Airport Center Express

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Airport Center LAX Entrance Inside Airport Center Parking Airport Center Shuttle Indoor Parking Airport Center LAX
Driving distance to LAX: 0.6 miles
Clearance: 6'6"
Open 24/7

Competitive rates and friendly service just a few short blocks from LAX, next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Covered self-park facility featuring continuous shuttle service 24/7 on full-size modern shuttle buses. Complimentary luggage assistance.

Additional information:

Self-Park: We have two entrances from Century Blvd. Self-Parking is on levels 4-7 in the parking garage. Elevators are located on each level to take you from your car to the shuttle stop on the ground floor.

Upon arrival back to Los Angeles, wait for shuttle to pick you up at red HOTEL & COURTESY SHUTTLE signs in front of each of the terminals. Shuttle buses are cruising through all LAX terminals.

Payment is made at the exit booth after you have retrieved your car.
Customer Reviews

We have used Airport Center several times in the last year and have had a great experience and keep returning.


Driver was Great... Didn't get his name, but he said he got off at 1:15PM... He actually drove me around twice showing both the top and bottom route... I had 3 hours till I had to pick up my son. He told me everything about how your company works.. I will tell my friends about your service...
Dave M. - Lancaster, CA


Convenient location, courteous drivers, short waiting for shuttle.
Catherine P. - Poway, CA


Great place to park and close to terminals. Price is also great with internet resevation.
Claude P. - Victorville, CA


This is my go to LAX parking facility for both business and personal travel. Good rates, covered parking and very close to the airport.
Linda H. - Mission Viejo, CA


The rates were great and the proximity to the airport was very convenient as well. As others had said, the parking spots were small. The driver on the way back picks up people at every terminal so it could take awhile to return to the lot. Make sure you check with the driver as the shuttle stops at several lots and we got off the wrong one. I'd park again because it's so cheap but if I was in a rush afterwards, I'd consider parking elsewhere.
anonymous - San Diego, CA


Always like this parking spot. Just remember to go almost to the roof since it fills easily. Shuttle is a piece of cake, too and very frequent.
Todd P. - Mission Viejo, CA


It was alittle tricky to find but once we arrived everything went perfect from finding our spot,arriving at shuttle spot, and for that matter the shuttle service when coming home was right on time. Everything worked out in perfect timing and completely happy. I will definitely be back in our April trip out of the country.
Charlene C. - Oak View, CA


Did a great job for me. Look forward to using your service next time.
Jay G. - Calabasas, CA


Pleasant and convenient.
Louis K. - Los Angeles, CA