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Marriott LAX Parking

5855 W Century Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Marriott LAX Parking Marriott LAX Parking Entrance Marriott LAX Parking Shuttle Bus Marriott LAX Self Parking Entrance
Marriott LAX Hotel provides convenient safe and secure indoor garage Valet and outdoor self parking.

Located on Century blvd, only 2 blocks from LAX. Complimentary shuttle busses run every 15-25 minutes.

Hotel amenities for your convenience include:

- Starbucks
- Fedex/Kinkos
- Champions Sports Bar
- JW's Steak House
- Latitude 33 Restaurant
Customer Reviews

Extremely easy parking and pickup, and staff is friendly and responsive.

In other reviews I've read complaints about the shuttles taking time to reach pick-ups at the airport, but people, this is LAX. Congestion is extreme.

When I landed the other day, all three lanes were merged into one for construction. The center islands were loaded with people waiting for their shuttles which were effectively stopped. I opted to overpay a cab to take me the 4-5 blocks instead of waiting, but I cannot blame Marriott Parking for poor planning and heavy traffic in freakin Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, CA


Helpful staff, short ride to airport. Text your claim number and car is ready when you get back.
Lisa - Long Beach, CA


I've parked twice here. I will always park here. The lot is very close to the airport and the shuttles are fast.
David - Palm Springs


I have used their service at least 4 times during the last 2 years. The trip to the airport has always been quick, but the return pick up has always been extremely slow. The last time that I used this service, my car was parked outside when I had paid for indoor, valet parking. Had I not asked about why there was a wet, oil spot on the hood of my car, I would not have known that my car had been parked outside. They had explained that when there are no spaces for indoor parking, your car is parked outdoors. I did demand that they reduce my charges, and they did comply. Shortly after that experience, my credit card information was stolen. I can't be sure that it happened there. I had used my card at both O'Hare airport to pay for a bag charge, and I had used it at a local auto service dealer that I have frequented for 10 years. Needless to say, these people have lost my business. I now use another facility, and the pickup to and from the airport was fantastic!
Margaret M. - Altadena, CA


The shuttle came right away, but it took a awhile (~10) for the people at the Marriott to get my car even though I sent a text, as requested, 15 minutes before arriving. If you park here, I'd just recommend sending that text as soon as the plane lands and not waiting until you're on the shuttle (like they say you should).
Adam D. - Los Angeles, CA


The shuttle service has gotten progressively worse for the "blue shuttles" (Marriott, Hilton). Last night, I timed that it took 40 minutes from the time I arrived at the curb until I stepped on a shuttle.

In the meantime, I counted 8 shuttles from Wallypark. If the hotels want to be competitive, they need better shuttle service.
Ken H. - Valencia, CA


Very convenient. They offer free water and/or iced tea or lemonade when it is hot.
Kenneth Z. - Rosamond, CA


The shuttle picked me up from Marriott immediately after dropping off my car at 5:50 am. We made one stop at the Courtyard. On the return they had only one attendant to take payment so there was a wait of about 10 minutes. Otherwise, all went well and I will definitely use again.
Kara - Los Angeles, CA


Shuttle wait time sometimes exceeds 20 minutes, maybe more, while "other" shuttle services are coming by sereral times in the interim.
Laura B. - Ventura, CA


Upon arriving at LAX, I waited 45 minutes for the shuttle. I saw the Wally Park bus cruise by 6 times while I waited for the Marriott shuttle. After 30 minutes, I called the Marriott. They assured me the shuttle was on a 20 minute schedule. I waited 10 more minutes and called back asking if I should just get a cab to the Marriott.

I noticed that the individual waiting with me was also calling the Marriott. He had been waiting longer than me. I believe he called at least 3 times, so, I wasn't the only disgruntled customer.

When the shuttle finally arrived and brought us to the Marriott, we were greeted by yet another wait. Apparently the credit card machine was broken and the clerk was taking all the information by hand. The wait to pay was at least 15 to 20 minutes. I overheard the guy behind me in line comment that in 10 days he could clean this place up. Marriott management seemed oblivious to the problem.

I wouldn't park there again even if you put a gun to my head.
Dean C.