Flight From Scheduled Estimated
DL1689 Orlando 18:2518:16 Landed
LH452 Munich 19:0018:15 Landed
WN404 Phoenix 18:2018:15 Landed
DL538 Nashville 18:3018:07 Landed
AA2475 Las Vegas 17:4418:06 Landed
QX2122 Spokane 18:0318:03 Landed
OZ2067 Seoul 00:0018:01 Landed
AS441 Cancun 17:5818:00 Landed
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Flight From Scheduled Estimated
AS1055 Seattle 17:4018:20
WN340 Chicago 18:2018:20
DL1136 Memphis 18:1518:18
WN168 Denver 17:5518:15 Departed
OO3325 San Francisco 18:1518:15 Departed
CI2007 Taipei 18:0018:11 Departed
NK730 Chicago 18:1018:10 Departed
AA738 Kona 18:0618:06 Departed
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