Flight From Scheduled Estimated
UA215 San Francisco 17:1016:43
AA2307 Phoenix 16:5016:42
DL453 New York 17:1116:40 Landed
UA935 London 16:5516:39 Landed
AC554 Vancouver 16:4016:37 Landed
AA2283 Miami 16:4816:35 Landed
CP5739 Las Vegas 16:5216:34 Landed
AA135 London 16:5516:33 Landed
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Flight From Scheduled Estimated
BA282 London 16:2016:43
AA757 Phoenix 16:4016:40 Departed
UA2365 Las Vegas 16:3616:36 Departed
DL1298 Kona 16:4516:35 Departed
DL1219 Kahului 16:2516:35 Departed
OO5944 San Diego 16:3416:34 Departed
NZ2 London 16:1516:34 Departed
DL1648 Salt Lake City 16:3916:34 Departed
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