Flight From Scheduled Estimated
QR8916 Tokyo 13:3013:35
SQ12 Tokyo 13:1013:35
DL1378 Orlando 13:2713:32
DL1543 Minneapolis 13:3713:30 Landed
OO5344 Medford 14:0213:29 Landed
AA170 Tokyo 12:5513:29 Landed
AS568 Portland 13:5013:25 Landed
WN1192 Las Vegas 13:3013:20 Landed
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Flight From Scheduled Estimated
AC573 Vancouver 13:3013:35
DL2204 Salt Lake City 13:2513:31 Departed
AS1929 San Francisco 13:3013:30 Departed
TA523 San Salvador 13:3013:30 Departed
WN1576 Kansas City 13:3013:30 Departed
WN924 San Jose 13:0013:25 Departed
NH5 Tokyo 12:4513:25 Departed
F9404 Denver 13:0613:21 Departed
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