Flight From Scheduled Estimated
CI5156 Taipei 03:4002:13 Landed
B61823 New York 02:1301:34 Landed
AS458 Seattle 01:1501:19 Landed
B6687 Boston 00:5000:58 Landed
B61723 New York 01:1400:38 Landed
AS548 Portland 00:1900:31 Landed
AA1147 Miami 00:1900:12 Landed
6R302 Mexico City 01:0000:10 Landed
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Flight From Scheduled Estimated
GB2211 Guadalajara 02:4502:55 Departed
K4368 Honolulu 02:3002:48 Departed
Y4921 Morelia 02:2002:31 Departed
6R303 Mexico City 02:3002:23 Departed
Y4877 Durango 01:4201:53 Departed
Y4913 Guadalajara 01:2401:35 Departed
UA2526 Oakland 00:3001:27 Departed
Y4899 Leon/Guanajuato 01:0701:27 Departed
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