Flight From Scheduled Estimated
WN4021 San Francisco 08:2508:25 Landed
WN2665 San Jose 08:4008:20 Landed
NK267 Philadelphia 09:1208:20 Landed
DL2523 Kansas City 08:3808:19 Landed
AA1744 Seattle 08:5108:18 Landed
AA2401 Dallas 08:5908:17 Landed
DL2929 Austin 08:1508:16 Landed
WN4005 Portland 08:4008:16 Landed
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Flight From Scheduled Estimated
CP6005 Albuquerque 08:2708:27 Departed
AA442 Toronto 08:2508:25 Departed
AA59 Kona 08:2508:25 Departed
OO5411 Phoenix 08:2508:25 Departed
AA1138 Austin 08:2508:25 Departed
UA1125 Houston 08:2008:20 Departed
AA253 Kahului 08:2008:20 Departed
WN2974 Portland 08:2008:20 Departed
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