Flight From Scheduled Estimated
CI5138 Taipei 11:5011:50 Landed
KL601 Amsterdam 11:5511:48 Landed
DY7113 Rome 11:5511:47 Landed
WN1470 Sacramento 12:0511:46 Landed
UA1148 Newark 12:0511:45 Landed
AA1237 New Orleans 11:4611:44 Landed
OO5545 Medford 08:4411:44 Landed
OO5379 San Francisco 11:4711:42 Landed
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Flight From Scheduled Estimated
NK424 Minneapolis 11:5011:50 Departed
DL2699 Atlanta 10:3011:50 Departed
AS104 Chicago 11:4511:45 Departed
WN1602 Houston 11:4511:45 Departed
DL953 New York 11:4511:44 Departed
UA1233 Houston 11:4511:42 Departed
AA1674 Charlotte 11:3011:41 Departed
AS1334 Fort Lauderdale 11:4011:40 Departed
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