Flight From Scheduled Estimated
AA2744 Chicago 14:3714:28
WN2137 Oakland 14:2514:25 Landed
AS1786 Seattle 14:4514:24 Landed
DL1298 Minneapolis 14:4514:17 Landed
UA1117 Houston 14:0614:16 Landed
DL2787 Detroit 14:3414:15 Landed
CX882 Hong Kong 14:0514:14 Landed
CP6079 Albuquerque 14:3914:14 Landed
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Flight From Scheduled Estimated
OO5661 Phoenix 14:2514:25 Departed
AA143 Honolulu 14:2514:25 Departed
WN2145 Denver 14:2514:25 Departed
CA988 Beijing 14:2014:20 Departed
AM647 Mexico City 14:2014:17 Departed
DL1956 New York 14:1514:15 Departed
DL1282 Hebron 13:4614:14 Departed
AA1925 Charlotte 13:1914:13 Departed
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