2:55 am PDT Tue, Jun 25

Flight: AS 1430

From: Los Angeles, LAX
To: San Jose Cabo, SJD

To Airline Flight Scheduled Actual Terminal Gate Status
San Jose Cabo Alaska Airlines AS 11.58 11.58 6 68A Scheduled
Los Cabos Airport

Aircraft: Boeing 737MAX 9 Passenger

Flying distance between Los Angeles, LAX and San Jose Cabo, SJD is 917 miles (1475.77 km).

Estimated Flight Time 2 h 13 min.

Departure Performance for this Flight

Average historical Departure delay 15 min

less than 10 min 69%
between 10 and 30 min 17%
between 30 and 60 min 8%
more than 60 min 5%

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