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Los Angeles International Airport
11200 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90304
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On the day I dropped my car off, I found a nice corner spot well inside the facility. About 30 seconds after parking, one of the company's shuttles stopped right behind my vehicle and the driver assisted me with unloading my luggage from my car, loaded it onto the shuttle, handed me an information card for my car spot and return, and gave me a quick 5 minute ride to the Terminal.
Vasily V.


It took more than 40 minutes from the time that I parked at the lot to getting to my terminal. Shuttle driver was driving as if half asleep with no sense of urgency even though he arrived to pick us up 10 minutes after the promised time.

The man behind the counter explained that they just opened a month ago and one of their two shuttles had broken down that day. You'd think a new business would have shuttles in better condition. Won't be coming here again, not dependable.
Raja - CA


The location is not too far from the airport. On my drive there, I did miss the turn into the facility because the sign is easy to miss. I'm sure they will address that soon. The drivers and staff were very friendly. On my return, I did have to wait a while for the shuttle to pick me up, but overall, service was good and I plan to use them again.