LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
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Los Angeles International Airport
9821 Vicksburg ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Customer Reviews

Good job, will come back again!


The shuttle ride to the airport was quick. The ride back to the car was a little more time consuming.
Georgina H. Onaga - Geo


Danny was a big help. My wife and I used the parking 4/18 -4/26 I am a paraplegic and Danny gave us needed personal attention. Good man.
Robert W. - Canyon Lake


First time ever I parked in long term parking at LAX. I had a great experience. The fact that they are so close to LAX and their shuttles were ready with very little wait (less than 2 mins) in each direction, we needed almost no extra time compare to taking a private shuttle to the airport.

I will certainly park at QuickPark next time I am flying out of LAX.
Shishir Shah - Irvine, CA


My experience with QuikPark LAX was great! The driver on the way to the airport was great. However the driver on the way back was rude and I could not exit the shuttle fast enough. I would definitely use QuikPark LAX again, and pray the other drivers are more pleasant.
Kwanza Brown


Yes, I was impressed with the indoor park. The shuttle driver was very helpful and friendly. Definitely I would go back again and recommend for anyone!
Ms. Stan


Great location, great price, Shuttle was waiting when we left in the morning at around 5:45 and we got picked up at the Virgin Terminal with 5 minutes of waiting.. perfect all teh way around.
Kevin C.


I would highly recommend everyone to choose QuikPark when finding a place to park for LAX. Not only was the rate low and perfect, but the covered lot is great, and the people, including the drivers, were all very warm and courteous. I had practically no wait time getting shuttled to LAX nor returning to the parking garage. There is nothing else QuikPark could've done more.
Elizabeth S Cathcart - Los Angeles


I found the following problems:

1. The Exit signs were not obvious. I had to look around and figure out that down was good to get out of the place. My expectation is that each row I went down would have an Exit sign at the end of it guiding me to the exit.

2. Although I entered from Century Blvd, my navigation system took me our via 1. It would be nice to have a sign that said how to get back to Century Blvd heading west.

3. The shuttle needs new shock absorbers. Some of those bumps were jarring and the driver was not going too fast.
Dwight J Sikkema


This parking option is great and makes a chore in parking at LAX much less of a burden. The shuttle drivers were quite helpful and and assisted in getting the bags on and off at the terminal or the parking garage. This is definitely a service I will use again.

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