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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
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Hilton LAX Parking Reviews
Los Angeles International Airport
5711 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Flight arrived like 10:00 am in the morning LAX and wait for almost one hour to get on the shuttle ! I did call Hilton shuttle service when I arrived, then called again after 20 min. waiting been told the shuttle will be there soon... but never see it until another 30 min.

Shuttle arrived in completed full (we are in United terminal 7) I just wonder why they don't send another one if they know many customers are waiting ?

Will never use them again....


My only downside was the wait for the shuttle; this resulted in standing-room only. More shuttles are needed to prevent that. Other shuttle groups drove by 3 - 4 times before Hilton got there.
Mary C.


I love the convenience of this self part and reservation system but every time I end up waiting for a long time for pick up from airport. That is frustrating after a long flight.
Kenneth W. Hart


Wait time for shuttle is way too long at the airport... I saw several other Vans circling repeatedly, but had to wait 20min + for mine. Next time I might just park at the competing lots since their presence at the airport pick up location served as a good advertisement for a short wait time.
Claudio Gallego


Your drivers are very helpful in getting to the right terminal and getting luggage on and off the vans. I am pleased to park my car in a covered lot for less than lot C.
Susan O


Everything went extremely smoothly. The only problem was we forgot where we parked the car. Your security guards helped me immensely, driving me around the three areas in a cart until the car was found. Next time I take a cell phone picture of the parking space. Embarrassing for me, but the security guard continued to say, "No worries." And I immediately felt better.
Wendy C. Brooks - Laguna Niguel


The personnel attitude was courteous and helpful, excellent!
Don MALIGSA - San Diego


More reasonable rates than those at other hotels, good service.
Mary Brooks


Pros: Great facility and location. I feel safe leaving my car at the Hilton.

Big Con: The waiting time for the shuttle is unacceptable. Both times I have parked at the Hilton I ended up taking a taxi to get to LAX. So did some other customers.

Last night I waited for the shuttle for 25 minutes. Other companies' shuttles circled so frequently. You need more shuttles, otherwise it's not worth it parking at the Hilton.


Avoid parking your car at the Hilton LAX at all costs. We had to wait for the shuttle at LAX for well more than half an hour while other companies came around three times to pick up their customers. Shuttle driver came and he was overwhelmed with his job. He treated us like school children because we complained why they were late. Mismanaged fleet of shuttles. Three of them came at once and 2 of them went back empty. DO NOT USE HILTON LAX PARKING even if it was offered for free. I will never use them again.
Arpi K - Calabasas

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